How to Turn an Interview into a Job Offer

Resumes get you the meeting (job interview), but interview gets you the job position. Get to know the 9 things you should do to turn a job interview into a job offer.


The first step of preparing for a job interview is to thoroughly research the company you are going to interview with. Look at their website, about, team members, services & products, blog, social media accounts etc. Know about the mission statement, future goals, press release etc. Go through the job description once again. Try to get an idea about the pain points the company might be having. Get in touch with people who have worked with the company, or tap into your network to find out to figure out common connections. Think about the ways you can benefit the company.

Prepare Work Examples

Think about examples that address the needs of the role you are applying for. For example, you might have some hands-on experience with SEO and social media marketing in your current organization. The company that you are applying to might have poor web traffic and weak digital presence. In such a scenario your skills become more valuable going forward.

Look for Stories from your Own Life and Career Journey

Come up with few incidents from your experience to share with the interviewer. Look back at your own life journey; figure out the major data points and achievements. Think about one success story and a lesson you learned from a failure in the past.

Practise the Common Job Interview Questions and Answers

It’s not a myth, but it is fact – Practice Makes Perfect. Even if don’t become perfect, you would certainly be a better version of yourself. Get to know about the 40 Most Commonly Asked Job Interview Questions.

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How to Turn an Interview into a Job Offer

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