Neha Kala

Been there, done that; describes the professional expertise and achievements of Delhi-born Entrepreneur-cum-social worker, Ms. Neha Kala.

When it comes to woman of substance, one name that deserves a mention in terms of being a youth icon, an example of perseverance, and a humble human being who aims to give back to the society, is that of Delhi- born entrepreneur-cum-social worker, Neha Kala. People who have been associated or have known Neha all this while, will definitely relate to Neha’s persona beings nothing short of an enigma.

Neha truly never fails to amaze people. One minute she can be seen on her toes leading, strategising and planning course of action at her consulting business, Conviction Business Advisor Pvt. Ltd; the next minute she can be seen spending quality time with the kids and elderly persons of her NGO, We Welfare Society. Business and social work take a balanced seat for Neha, who comes with an enriching experience of 15+ years in the fields of Recruitment, Critical Hiring Plan, Organisational Development, Business & Strategy Planning, Forming New Systems & Implementation, Business Initiation & Acquisition, Training- Coaching & Mentoring, Skill based Consulting, Career & Education Counselling, RPO, Event Management, Training & Development, Brand Building and Brand Management. The very fact that at such a young age of 33, she runs her own NGO that takes care of the welfare and well being of children and elderly persons, attests her desire to make the world a better place to live in.

A social aficionado in true sense, Neha, through her NGO, aims to leave imprints in the minds of many. She leads by example and at all times while organising campaigns on organ donation, prohibition on child labor, etc, she can be seen fully involved and participative. The ultimate objective of her NGO is to provide shelter to the ones who have aim in their life but due to their Financial or Surrounding they are unable to Focus, the project is called ‘Home for Hopeless’.

When it comes to Neha’s professional achievements, the list is endless. Out of the total 16 years of her professional dossier, 8 years have been with 3 esteemed organisations, namely, Verve Services, Infovision Group (Formally Serco now) and Cybersys (Formally Klazina-Cybersys now). She shot into limelight when she founded her first professional venture in 2009 by the name of Conviction Consulting. With this establishment, her professional success saw no bounds, and then came into existence, Sstyle Asia, which is a fashion feast for the style lovers & an understanding platform for the ones who intend to make their career in the same field. Thereafter in 2013, came Conviction Business Advisor Private Limited, and ever since, there has been no looking back for Neha.

When Neha is off the clock, she likes to take up projects that are related to content specialisation or event conceptualisation. Her educational dossier consists of a Bachelor Degree in Arts & Humanities, Creative Degree from Ministry of Textiles Bharat Nagar, 1 Year Software Course from MICT, and Masters in Business Administration (HR) From IMT Ghaziabad.

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Neha Kala

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