The Flash: Is Savitar Actually Barry Allen from the Future

The Flash ’s villain this season is unlike any other we have seen on the TV show. With the Reverse Flash and Zoom, we had started getting hints soon and it was easy to devise who the villain actually was. But with Savitar, there are hardly any clues, even when we are so close to the season finale.

But, we have a theory, and we know it’s a little far-fetched, but just hear us out – Savitar is actually Barry Allen from the future. And here are some points to prove our theory:

1. Savitar is strong, fast, and can guess each one of Barry Allen’s moves. He also knows a lot about of the entire Team Flash.


2. In an episode, Savitar told Barry, “I am the future, Flash.” But what if he meant, “I am the future Flash.” A simple comma can make all the difference.


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The Flash: Is Savitar Actually Barry Allen from the Future

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