7 TV Shows Who Should Have Changed Their Title

When a TV show is named, even the creators of the show cannot know for sure what turn the story will take eventually, unless it’s based on a pre-existing book or series. While in many cases, the names remain relevant even after many twists and turns, such as Grey’s Anatomy and Game of Thrones. But in most cases, after a point the title becomes redundant or irrelevant. Here are some TV shows that should have changed their titles.

1. Jane the Virgin initially worked as a title because it was about a virgin named Jane, who accidentally gets artificially inseminated. But since she got married and had sex, the title was no longer of use


2. Cougar Town is not a show about older women trying to hook up with younger men, but with the eventual meaning attached to the term ‘cougar’, it was rendered scandalous


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7 TV Shows Who Should Have Changed Their Title

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