7 Most Important Moments Of The Marvel Netflix Universe

Marvel’s Netflix shows may not be as epic in proportion as blockbuster films like Captain America and Dr. Strange, but what they lack in grandeur, they more than makeup in terms of depth. Each new episode only leaves fans hungry for more, and with a lot many new shows to come Marvel Netflix universe is just getting started and here to stay. While we wait for the new shows to drop, let’s take a look at the most important moments of Marvel Netflix universe.

1. The battle between Danny and his old friend Davos, who resents him for earning the power of the Iron Fist and then leaving K’un-Lun unprotected, in Iron Fist episode 12


2. When Mariah kills Cottonmouth with after pushing him out of his office window, beating him dead with a mic stand, which leads Black Mariah taking her rightful place at the head of her criminal empire in the end of the season in Luke Cage episode 7


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7 Most Important Moments Of The Marvel Netflix Universe

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