7 Darkest Harry Potter Theories

When Joanne Kathleen Rowling first wrote Harry Potter, little did she imagine the impact this scrawny scarred little wizard would have, both in the wizarding world and the muggle world. This series has made the world a better place in ways that if listed, would take multiple scrolls of parchment.

But since the Potter fandom has an incredibly creative mind of their own too, there are multiple theories making the rounds  that are pretty dark.

1. Draco Malfoy might be a werewolf

This theory is substantiated by plenty of instances from the series. We know that 6th book onwards Malfoy took a dark turn out of which he struggled to get out but couldn’t. Also, remember when Voldemort remarked that Draco can babysit the cubs after hearing Lupin, a werewolf himself, was going to have a child!


2. Ginny may have used love potion on Harry

Which might be true considering Harry had always harboured a sort of brotherly attitude towards Ginny, until Half Blood Prince that is. And that is when suddenly he had a strange attraction towards Ginny, also we also see plenty of love potion in the market at the time!.


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7 Darkest Harry Potter Theories

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