5 Terrible Sequels to Amazing Action movies

It’s difficult to imagine how an amazing movie ends up with a terrible sequel. We love the first part and the news of a second part makes us go all ecstatic. But the sequel ends up being nothing, when compared to the original.

Here are 5 terrible sequels to amazing action movies:

1. Robocop 3

While Robocop was a true gem of its genre, Robocop 3 came as a disaster because of its robot ninjas.


2. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

People had high expectations from the fourth film of the Indiana Jones franchise, but the audience was left disheartened when it came into theatres.


3. The Crow: City of Angels

After The Crow, the City of Angels came with a rather confusing story, trying to overload the audience with a random plot. It was not happening at all.


4. Escape from LA

On one side where Escape from New York was a perfect blend of Sci-fi and action, Escape from LA looked like a B-movie concept.


5. Beverly Hills Cop 3

Beverly Hills Cop 3 could have been the most terrible thing to happen to a well-doing “Beverly Hills Cop” franchise. The credit goes to the painfully generic action scenes.


We really don’t wish to see any more bad sequels after these!

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5 Terrible Sequels to Amazing Action movies

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