5 Actors Who Could Be The New Wolverine

Now that Logan has come and gone, and Hugh Jackman finally retired as the clawed mutant Wolverine. We are all left with nothing but a pool of our own tears. But perhaps not all is lost, because word in the air is that Wolverine would still make appearances in upcoming X-men movies. So here are some actors who can maybe try to take up that heavy mantle and fill that endless void in our hearts.

1. Joel Edgerton, another Aussie actor who’s known for his versatile acting ability in films like Zero Dark Thirty and The Great Gatsby, might not be a bad choice. He totally has that grunge look going


2. One of the youngest Hollywood actors, Liam Hemsworth might be an unlikely choice for the iconic role, but he’s young enough to keep playing Wolverine for years to come. Another plus point for him – he’s also an Australian


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5 Actors Who Could Be The New Wolverine

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